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Jessie Cave: Sunrise (Jessie Cave with Soho Theatre c/o Curtis Brown Ltd)

By | Published on Sunday 26 August 2018

It must be the worst fear of anyone who dates a comedian – ending up as fodder for their next show. Not everyone can make heartbreak this entertaining though: she pours her heart out here and invites us to drink. You get the definite sense that this is therapeutic for Cave – comedy as catharsis. She re-enacts conversations she’s had with the assistance of cushions decorated with her lovers’ faces. It’s the little details that make this so special – revealing all the things she’s secretly thinking, while we either empathise or wince in recognition. So open, so honest, so inspirational – no wonder she has such a loyal fan base. It’s bright inside this Cave.

The Stand Comedy Club 3 and 4, until 26 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Andy Murray]