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Janey Godley & Ashley Storrie: Act To Act

By | Published on Wednesday 13 August 2014

Janey Godley & Ashley Storrie

Fringe legend Janey Godley, or “the slightly wicked godmother of Scottish comedy” if you want her own description, is back at the Festival. And this year’s show ‘Oh My Godley!’ boasts not only outrageous stories a plenty, but also a Storrie, as in Ashley Storrie, as in Janey’s award-winning comedian daughter. The awards being for the comedy, not the daughterhood I think.
With Storrie also hosting the late night show ‘Pumped!’ at The Voodoo Rooms this month, we thought this was the Festival to charge Godley with the task of interviewing her daughter about being a stand-up, and having one for a mum. Here goes…

Janey: Ashley, what’s the worst thing about travelling and working with your mum?

Ashley: You are my mum, why are you asking questions like you don’t know who I am?

Janey: OK, I tried to be a professional journalist there, but that never worked. What’s it like living with me at the Fringe and travelling with me as comedian?

Ashley: Well, the worst thing is when I’m out late having fun. You pretend you don’t care if I stay out, but I can tell by your wee angry face that you want me to come home with you, as you need 50 hours sleep a day, coz you are quite old.

Janey: Thanks for that. How do you feel when you are onstage and know I’m watching in the audience?

Ashley: I feel like am being judged, not just by an audience, but by the person whose vagina I essentially broke in 1986.

Janey: Technically my vagina isn’t broken. Just ask your dad.

Ashley: That’s not what he said.

Janey: OK, moving on… what’s the most consistent question you are asked at the Fringe?

Ashley: The most consistent question I am asked is “aren’t you somebody’s daughter?” And I answer “isn’t everyone?”.

Janey: What do you hate about my comedy the most?

Ashley: I hate that every time I meet someone new they say “oh, I have heard your mum talk about you in her set”.

Janey: Why do you call me “the Judy Garland of Scottish comedy”?

Ashley: Because I want to be the Liza Minelli of Scottish comedy, so if I keep implying it, it may stick.

Janey: Have you ever thought about killing me in my sleep?

Ashley: No. I would do it when you are awake so I could see the fear and mild amusement on your face as you thought it was a joke.

Janey: Thank you.

‘Oh My Godley!’ was performed at Underbelly Bristo Square and ‘Pumped!’ at The Voodoo Rooms at Edinburgh Festival 2014.

LINKS: www.janeygodley.com

Photo: Rich Dyson