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Jammy Voo: Quick Quiz

By | Published on Saturday 3 August 2013


Jammy Voo presents ‘Birdhouse’, a new play following four forgotten survivors of the infamous attack from Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, showing at Assembly George Square. The group answers the ThreeWeeks Quick Quiz.

TW: Tell us about your show in no more than sixty words.
JV: ‘Birdhouse’ is the untold story of four minor characters from Hitchcock’s infamous film ‘The Birds’. The women, sole remaining survivors of the bird attack that devastated the town, took refuge in the Coronet Cinema and have been stuck there ever since, living in a state of post-traumatic shock. Surreal comedy horror, with songs and gorgeous live music by Greg Hall.

TW: Tell us about one other show you are planning to see this year.
JV: There is always such a wonderful mix of shows at the Fringe, but sometimes you can get a bit jaded from seeing so much stuff. That’s when a show with lots of heart is a great antidote – Idiot Child’s work always manages to be poignant, funny and moving and we’ll definitely be seeing ‘I Could’ve Been Better’ by them at the Pleasance Courtyard.

TW: What’s your best piece of advice for Edinburgh first-time fringe-goers?
JV: OK, don’t book up to see more than four shows a day otherwise you’ll start to forget your own name, let alone any of the shows you’ve seen. Climb something high to get a view of Edinburgh, it’s such a beautiful city and it helps give some perspective when all the wonderful crazy buzz of the Festival gets overwhelming.

TW: What have you done to prepare for your Edinburgh show?
JV: We recently did a seaside tour of Edinburgh preview shows to some lovely places like Margate, Bridport and the North Devon Fringe festival, which was great fun, combining work with eating ice creams on the beach. ‘Birdhouse’ went down really well with audiences there, so we hope it will be the same in Edinburgh. At the seaside, you also see a lot of worrying seagull behaviour, such as them attacking people for their food, which is all good research for our show!

TW: Scotland’s got an important referendum coming up, if you could instigate your own referendum, what would it be on?
JV: I think we should have a referendum on how much value people put on arts in this country. There are cuts happening now that are going to devastate the vibrant landscape of arts and culture we have in the UK, and I don’t think a lot of people necessarily realise what they stand to lose (which is what the government are counting on). If there was a debate about it, I’m certain the public would agree there is great value to the arts in their communities and that it should be protected. And then arts funding should be ring-fenced as a result.

‘Birdhouse’ was performed at Assembly George Square at Edinburgh Festival 2013.