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Izzard to lead multinational comedy gala

By | Published on Monday 28 July 2014

Comedy Sans Frontieres

As if your Fringe schedules weren’t full enough already, that darn Eddie Izzard has just demanded you clear a late night slot just for him in early Week One.

Which is another way of saying that Mick Perrin Worldwide yesterday announced a magnificent late night gala of comedy delights from all across Europe called ‘Comedy Sans Frontieres’, headlined by that there Izzard and a certain Dylan Moran. Something definitely worth rearranging your Fringe diaries for.

In a comedy show suitably cosmopolitan for a festival as international as Edinburgh, alongside the headliners you’ll get Francesco De Carlo from Italy, Yacine Belhousse from France, Igor Meerson from Russia and Michael Mittemeier from Germany, all for one night only.

‘Comedy Sans Frontiers’ takes place in the Pleasance Grand on 5 Aug at 11.50pm. Announcing the bash, Izzard told ThreeWeeks: “‘Comedy Sans Frontiers’ is our comedic future and past all at the same time. What we are showing here at the Edinburgh Festival is that humour is human and not national. It is only the references in our comedy that can be national”.

Tickets and gubbins here.