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Iphigenia Crash Land Falls On The Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart (A Rave Fable) (Clumsy Bodies)

By | Published on Saturday 19 August 2017

The first time I sneakily looked at my watch was only 11 minutes into this 75 minute production. The acting ranged from good to abysmal, but this was almost understandable given the script they had to work with. Playwright Caridad Svich has an impressive-sounding track record, so it was disappointing to find streams of pseudo-profound, but ultimately meaningless words. Too often there were unintelligible voice-overs, or dialogue drowned out by the thumping music. The play loosely combined the Greek myth of Iphigenia with the stories of murdered female sweatshop workers in Mexico with a rave, but these never evolved into any sort of cohesive whole. ‘Iphigenia…’ tries to say something important, but its message is as confusing as its title.

theSpace on Niddry Street, until 12 Aug.
tw rating 1/5 | [Gemma Scott]