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I Am Faransis W. (sadsongskomplex:fi / From Start To Finnish)

By | Published on Monday 7 August 2017

This performance offers an intriguing exploration of the divides in modern western society through an experimental and dystopian lens. The play is formed of several splintered narratives: a man taking part in a game show; the hardships of a woman called Maria, and the journey of two refugees. Clearly interlinked, these stories draw together the modern divisions of terrorism, poverty and nationhood, however the play fails to establish a sufficient commentary on these issues. A more impressive feature is their projector screen, flashing with visual motifs and evocative symbolism, which enhances the storytelling. ‘I Am Faransis W.’ asks deep and challenging questions of western society and recent international developments, but it fails to offer any sort of answer.

Summerhall, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [James Napleton]