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Hunt & Darton lead a Fringe bake off

By | Published on Friday 8 August 2014

Hunt & Darton

ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award winning Hunt & Darton are back at the Fringe, though this time with a special competition that kicked off at the Forest Fringe Drill Hall yesterday.

The live art collaborators are staging the ‘Not Great British Bake Off’, which may have similarities to the BBC TV show that returned to screens this week, though the judging criteria is rather different. Asks the competition’s blurb: “Is your cake tropical or absurd enough? Just how is its movement literacy? What is the concept behind your cream topping?”

The contest got underway yesterday with members of the public invited to take part in the baking, or simply to watch others bake. The judging starts today, with Hunt & Darton themselves assessing what’s been created, alongside some “surprise guest judges”.

Say the duo to ThreeWeeks: “The ‘Not Great British Bake Off’ is all about looking at other ways of making a ‘good’ cake, rather than it just being a good cake. You’ve seen the TV programme – you know about bouncy sponge, you know about the perfect mix of vanilla in your cream, and the danger of the soggy bottom – but we know you might not always care and that’s why we are here”.

“Can a cake illustrate something more profound?” they continue. “It is OK if it’s just a cake, but a recreation of a Roman baths with Jelly Babies as oversized people and Polo mints as rubber rings, or an edible realisation of The Meadows on a wet weekend, that’s where our hearts truly lie”.

The great baking will continue at the Forest Fringe today and tomorrow, with a holiday at Pontins Camber Sands up for grabs for the overall winner. More info here.