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Hot Gay Time Machine (Zak Ghazi-Torbati, Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss)

By | Published on Sunday 26 August 2018

This very funny musical, from the writing duo behind ‘Six’, uses the eponymous chronomatic contraption as a knowingly flimsy premise for what is basically a sketch show about growing up gay. Not all of the songs are brilliant – though all are clever – but the audience is hardly in any mood to quibble by the time it’s been dragged in and warmed up by two performers exuding queer cool. You have to admire the dedication that Zak Ghazi-Torbati and Toby Marlow bring to every second of their pin-sharp performances. Marlow drips with charisma and enchants the entire audience; Ghazi-Torbati brings renditions of truly astounding, honey-smooth vocal quality.

Underbelly Cowgate, until 26 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Alexander Hartley]