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Guest tips: Navigating the physical Fringe

By | Published on Sunday 27 July 2014

In addition to the dance and ballet programmes of the Edinburgh International Festival, the Fringe boasts an impressive line up of dance shows, sitting in the programme alongside physical theatre and circus.

2faced Dance

To help you pick out some highlights, we turned to Tamsin Fitzgerald of the ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award winning 2faced Dance. Her company isn’t fielding its own show this Festival (though do check them out next time, they continually impress), so she’s kindly selected five other productions definitely worth your time.

If you’re the type who likes to see dance that really moves then ‘SPIN’ is the show for you. A fast-paced, highly energetic urban fusion show, demonstrating a multitude of tricks, acrobatics and tender moments to boot. With a fabulous cast that features dancers who have worked with Motionhouse and 2Faced Dance, ‘SPIN’ is one of those shows that you can’t help but enjoy. It also includes a rather clever set that the dancers use to climb, slide and jump off. ‘SPIN’ is suitable for the whole family.
Zoo Southside, from 18 Aug until 25 Aug. Tickets here.

I always like to pick a random show when in Edinburgh and I do love a bit of circus. Winners of the Cirque de Soliel Prize, Pss Pss feature a duo, some utterly charming crazy acrobatics, superb hand to hand and a lot of clowning around. This show looks sweet, witty and traditional with a twist of the modern and genuinely excellent. I highly recommend.
Zoo Southside, from 1 Aug until 25 Aug. Tickets here.

Riders and La Loba
This year I am really looking forward to seeing two new works, ‘Riders’ and ‘La Loba’ from Lenka Vagnerová And Company. Lenka’s work always challenges you as an audience member and these two works will be no exception. Containing beautiful, earthy and intelligent movement that sits alongside great design and music, both works combine the theatrical with the physical exceptionally well. Expect heart in the mouth action, extreme emotions and stunning dancers.
Riders, Zoo Southside, from 1 Aug until 10 Aug. Tickets here.
La Loba, Zoo Southside, from 12 Aug until 25 Aug. Tickets here.

Black Grace
As someone who likes to watch dancers dance I am interested to see New Zealand-based Black Grace appear at this year’s Fringe. With the promise of highly physical performances, rich in the storytelling traditions of the South Pacific, video footage of the work looks distinctly promising. It’s a show perhaps for purists; I can’t wait to see what this company has to offer.
Assembly Roxy, from 30 Jul until 22 Aug. Tickets here.

The hit of the Dublin Dance Festival in 2013, ‘Missing’ by David Bolger explores what it might feel like if a loved one disappeared. This is one of those shows where you see a lot of good feedback from people on Twitter. With a stellar list of awards behind them, ‘Missing’ promises to be beautifully haunting.
Dance Base, from 1 Aug until 24 Aug. Tickets here.

LINKS: www.2faceddance.co.uk

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