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Grey Matter (SPASM)

By | Published on Sunday 28 August 2016

Grey Matter Ed2016

This play brings to life psychologist Adrian Raine’s theory of how, by 2034, all eighteen-year-olds will be brain scanned to determine their potential for assault or murder; and still-innocent suspects will be locked up in neurotreatment facilities. Four LED panels, a huge industrial light and a pool table create an ingenious set, which perfectly conveys an institutional structure and is additionally complemented by elaborate projections. ‘Grey Matter’ is a courageous attempt to tackle hypothetical issues which may one day become a reality. Unfortunately however, the story lacks action, the acting is weak (apart from a few exceptions) and there is an overload of unnecessary transitions, blackouts and cast members. I’d suggest researching the subject matter of this play before seeing it, so you can fully appreciate it.

C nova, until 29 Aug.
tw rating 2/5⎪[Lucrezia Pollice]