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Geek (Infinity Repertory Theatre)

By | Published on Wednesday 15 August 2018

Set in the backwater USA town of Hopeless Junction, ‘Geek’ concerns a teenager named Gibby, ostracised by her neighbours for an extremely odd skin condition that causes her face to glow. There’s more than a whisper of ‘The Greatest Showman’ as Gibby runs off to join a circus of freaks, and lots of general oddness elsewhere. The story’s presentation is confusing – a framing device introduces the town reverend as the storyteller, but it’s then narrated entirely by Gibby. Eh? Thank god, then, for the toe-tapping bluegrass-style tunes and the exceptional young cast blessed with the pipes to handle them (and then some). This combination means the show is always at least enjoyable, even during the rushed and muddled ending.

C Aquila, until 18 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Jon Stapley]