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Former Editors’ Award winners tip shows for ThreeWeeks readers

By | Published on Sunday 27 July 2014

ThreeWeeks Editors' Awards

Four past winners of the ThreeWeeks Editors’ Awards have provided their own tips for shows to see from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

The ThreeWeeks Editors’ Awards are presented at the end of each Festival by, well, the ThreeWeeks editors, strangely. There are no categories or shortlists. They go to the ten shows, performers or projects that the ThreeWeeks editorial team think made that year’s Festival particularly special.

Needless to say, shows from any former Editors’ Award winners are always recommended by ThreeWeeks. But this year four of those former winners – Sarah-Louise Young (2010 winner), Richard Tyrone Jones (2012 winner), Daniel Cainer (2013 winner) and Tamzin Fitzgerald from 2faced Dance (2013 winners) – have taken time out to tip some other people and companies from within the genres they are best known for.

These guest tips accompany ThreeWeeks Co-Editor’s Caro Moses’s annual 3 To See show recommendations, and appear in the preview edition of ThreeWeeks, which is out now, and will be landing on door mats across Edinburgh over the next few days, and will be available for pick-up at most Fringe venues once the Festival cranks into motion on Wednesday.

Read Sarah-Louise’s cabaret tips here, Richard’s tips for spoken word here, Daniel’s tips for music here, and Tamzin’s dance recommendations here. And click here for all of the ThreeWeeks show tips so far.