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Faye Treacy: Where’s Your Head At?

By | Published on Saturday 13 August 2022

We know that there are plenty of fans of musical comedy and storytelling among our readership and – luckily for you – there’s a fair bit of it about. Our latest interviewee is a purveyor of such things, performing her new show ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ here at edfringe until 27 Aug. 

As you may already be well aware, Faye Treacy is a highly acclaimed act, who has toured the world as a musician and won the Musical Comedy Awards Best Newcomer gong in 2015. And if you’re not aware of that, well, it’s time you found out a bit more about her. To help you out, I arranged a quick chat to get the lowdown on both the performer and her new show. 

CM: Can you start by telling us about what to expect from ‘Where’s Your Head At?’   
FT: It’s an honest musical storytelling show. There are jokes, and a bit of blunt honesty, as I unpack how I learnt to feel anger.

It’s about me learning to accept anger, I guess. It’s about not bottling it up, labelling your emotions and being a warrior.

CM: What inspired you to cover the themes in the show? 
FT: When I lost all my gig work over the pandemic I went and did a lot of teaching, and I got very frustrated with the education system, the burn out amongst teachers and the inequality of it all.

CM: This isn’t your first time in Edinburgh of course. What’s the lure of the Fringe for you? Why did you decide to come back this year? 
FT: I wanted to get better at storytelling and, you know, some people come to build a profile and make some connections.

I gave up drinking so I’ve not been that great at networking, so I suppose the lure is just about getting better at these things.

Like, logistically, my show has been a nightmare to put on at the Free Fringe, so I guess I’m learning a lot of problem solving skills.

I’d like to be a show-runner someday, so I guess this is all good practice at keeping cool under pressure.

CM: What do you love most about the Festival – and what do you like least about it? 
FT: I love being able to see so many great shows, it’s really inspiring. My least favourite thing is the cost, even on the Free Fringe.

Also, I think when you’re trying to establish yourself as an act it’s harder to get playable rooms- it’s been a struggle with sound bleed this year. 

CM: What would you say your best Fringe memory is? 
FT: Climbing Arthur’s Seat at sunrise.

CM: Can you tell us about your career history now? How did you start performing comedy? 
FT: I started out as a musician, then started doing comedy because of stage fright. I tried to CBT myself basically…

But I liked the circus of the comedy world. I kept going with it and realised that I really liked storytelling – and I really love script writing – and I think stand-up has been a great stepping stone into it.

CM: What would you say have been the highlights of your career thus far? 
FT: Winning Best Newcomer at the Musical Comedy Awards, I guess.

CM: What’s coming up next for you after this? 
FT: I’m working on some scripts and I’m playing the Aberystwyth Comedy Festival in October.

Faye Treacy performed ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ at PBH’s Free Fringe @ Banshee Labyrinth at Edinburgh Festival 2022.

LINKS: fayetreacy.com | twitter.com/FayeTreacy 

Photo: Matt Crockett