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Fast (Digital Drama)

By | Published on Sunday 19 August 2018

Feeling a little off-colour? Got a tilted uterus, a case of the sniffles, some king of ague? Then Dr Linda Hazzard has just the cure for you – starvation, enemas and some low-key psychological torture. Based on a true story, ‘Fast’ examines a 1910s sanatorium where not all of the patients exactly… thrived. Sadly, this drama just lacks a little, well, drama. The story itself is engaging and the acting suitably understated, but the swooning, uptight English ladies are hard to care about and the (understandable) technical limitations of the venue make it impossible to create any real atmosphere. Nevertheless, Hazzard is a thrilling villain, with almost caricature severity, and this is an absorbing look at how far she was willing to go in her quest for power and respect.

theSpace Triplex + the Space on Niddry Street, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 3/5