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Erich McElroy’s (US) Electile Dysfunction (Erich McElroy)

By | Published on Friday 26 August 2016

Erich McElroy Ed2016

Current politics on both sides of the pond are making it look as if reality really is stranger than fiction. And it’s a brave soul who bases their show on something that seems to change on a daily basis. American ex-pat Erich McElroy focuses on three of the main protagonists in the US election: Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and their race to the White House. It isn’t laugh-a-minute, and there are the occasional cheap, slightly crass jokes (references to post-menopausal Clinton, especially), but, having said that, there are some great observations, highlighting some of the reasons that even the most obnoxious politicians can get away with far more than they should.

Laughing Horse @ Bar 50, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Daisy Malt]