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Elf Lyons: Pelican (Elf Lyons / PBH’s Free Fringe)

By | Published on Sunday 14 August 2016

Elf Lyons Ed2016

Elf Lyons unravels her relationship with her mother in this touching, albeit messy, hour of comedy. Lyons gives the impression of someone who would be fun to hang around with – she’s witty, energetic and incredibly charismatic. But her punchlines don’t always land and, while she recovered easily whenever she flat lined, there was still a sense that the show needed some fine-tuning. To be fair to her, these occurrences were rare, and she did say she wasn’t feeling well, so perhaps this was just a one-off night of skew-whiff delivery. Lyons is clearly a talented, warm performer, but needs the standard of her jokes to catch up to the standard of her presence.

Voodoo Rooms, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Patricia-Ann Young]