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Elementa (Sian Eleanor Green)

By | Published on Tuesday 16 August 2022

Although this environmentalist play has a unique concept, its objective to be a ‘comedy’ is never fully satisfied. Despite Sian Eleanor Green’s contagious energy and charisma, the piece is more informative than anything else. Set in a superhero convention, Elementa’s solo panel will leave you both horrified and ashamed of the indelible imprint humans are leaving on Earth. Green cleverly interlaces an antagonism against the convention’s sponsor ‘RocketFuel’, representing the contradictions of the ‘one percent’ who prioritise profits despite our collapsing climate. Highlights included Elementa’s battles against Tidal Dave and Richter Rick as well as her impressive physicality when pretending to manipulate air particles. Despite Green’s undeniable talent, ‘Elementa’ would perhaps be most effective as an educational show for teenagers.

Greenside @ Infirmary Street, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Juliette Willis]