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Eight Steps Q&A: Sukh Ojla

By | Published on Monday 5 August 2019

Comedian Sukh Ojla offers some tips on how to get the most from the Edinburgh Festival, in eight steps…

1: Beyond posters and reviews, how do you suggest people pick shows to see at this year’s Fringe?
Word of mouth and Twitter are great resources. Keep an open mind and look beyond comedy and theatre!

2: What tips have you got for people trying to see as many shows as possible in one day – how can you power through?
Firstly, don’t! There are nearly 4000 shows at the Fringe, you won’t be able to watch everything you want to see. So choose your ‘must see’ shows but leave some space in your schedule to eat, dry off and just take in the atmosphere!

3: When people are reaching peak Fringe, what tips do you have for chilling out during the Festival?
Find a quiet green space. There are some little peaceful pockets in Edinburgh. Alternatively, take a day trip to Portobello beach and see how many miserable comedians you can spot.

4: What things do you think should be on every Fringe-goers Edinburgh Festival bucket list?
Listen to The Blueswater play the blues at The Jazz Bar, eat at Ciao Roma and get lost down on a cobbled side street.

5: Beyond the flyer, what tips have you got for performers trying to get people into their shows?
Twitter, outdoor advertising, Tinder? I honestly have no idea!

6: The Fringe can be great for finding a new audience. What tips would you have for staying connected with that new audience beyond Edinburgh?
I think social media plays a huge part here. Your audience will be from all over the country – and beyond! – so keep your social media updated with any upcoming gigs.

7: Performing at the Fringe is partly about building a network. What tips have you got for people looking to make connections in the industry?
Be friendly. And talk to people as – well – people, and not as potential employers.

8: How would you recommend performers stay healthy during all the Fringe madness?
Sleep, stay hydrated and give yourself permission to have some down time.

Sukh Ojla is performing ‘For Sukh’s Sake’ at Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose until 25 Aug.

Photo: Polly Bycroft-Brown