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Editor’s Letter: More festivals to choose from!

By | Published on Thursday 9 August 2012

Caro Moses

Can it possibly be a whole week (actually, eight days) since I last landed in your inbox? How did that happen?

Last time I was here I was noting the unofficial start of the Edinburgh Fringe, and here we are a week later marking the official opening of the Edinburgh International Festival, which will be lighting up Arthur’s Seat for us all (amongst many other things) from this evening. If you missed it earlier in the Festival, do check out our interview with EIF chief Jonathan Mills discussing this year’s programme.

Back to the Fringe, and while you do sense the Olympic effect has resulted in a slightly quieter Week One than usual (though, it’s always the quietest bit, remember), there have still been plenty of names appearing on the ‘sell out show boards’, and even more positive reports coming into ThreeWeeks HQ from our review team regarding the great productions out there. Anyone not yet in Fringe mode because of the Olympics is in for a treat come Monday.

Talking of treats, I trust you’ve all got yourself a copy of the Week One issue of ThreeWeeks, the one with Rhys Darby on the cover? Also inside that issue, you can hear from a number of guest columnists: super-blogger and Malcolm Hardee Awards organiser John FlemingLynn Ruth Miller, who should have been here at the Fringe this year, but is presently too in-a-cast to make it; typecast comedy veteran Marek Larwood; and the members of close harmony quartet The Ruby Dolls tell you about their ‘desert island discs’. And you can also hear from me (again) and my small child, on the subject of children’s shows.

This week’s issue also featured lots of Q&As. As well as the aforementioned cover star, we also spoke to quality sketch troupe Casual Violence, the fantastic Sarah Kendall, the funny and art-orientated Hannah Gadsby, seasoned Fringe actor Gael Le Cornec, talented Mother Africa director Winston Ruddle, the most excellent music and hat purveyor Jane Bom-bane, and Fringe doyenne Carol Tambor. Plus, the highly amusing Pajama Men interviewed the highly amusing Drennon Davis.

And, of course, there are loads of reviews! Hopefully you’ve all been reading the many ThreeWeeks reviews that have been hitting the streets in the last week, via our Daily Edition and the previously there mentioned Weekly Edition. All those reviews are also appearing on the ThreeWeeks website as we speak. From tomorrow, not only will reviews be appearing in print every day, but additional reviews will be appearing online too, so do start keeping an eye on the reviews page daily, where all new reviews go live. Or, if it’s show recommendations you seek, why not follow Twittique, which features all our four and five star shows. And don’t forget, there are other ways to navigate the ThreeWeeks site – pick a genre that interests you or you can now also browse our coverage by venue.

We are already well under way with our Week Two issue, which is looking brilliant, plus the podcast and photo teams will soon be taking to the website with extra coverage for you to enjoy. I’ll reappear here in your inbox soon to tell you more.

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And that is it for now! Keep enjoying the Festival and this bizarre sunshine we’re getting, and keep an eye on the ThreeWeeks website for all the latest newsreviewsinterviews and more.
Caro Moses, Co-Editor, ThreeWeeks