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Editor’s Letter: Here we go with the big weekend

By | Published on Friday 17 August 2012

Caro Moses

How can we be at the big end-of-Week-Two weekend already? Yep, very soon people will be talking about being on the ‘home straight’, but let’s get through what is traditionally the biggest weekend of the Festival first, shall we?

This is the weekend when the Fringe, International Festival, Book Festival, Art Festival and Tattoo are joined by yet another fest, the political one at the Scottish Parliament (check my tips for that here). So there’s no excuse at all to not be out there experiencing the best of it.

To help, make sure you get a copy of the Week Two issue of ThreeWeeks, the one with the marvellous Tony Law on the cover. If you haven’t already picked one up, you’ll find copies at pretty much every venue in town, or if you’re not in Edinburgh check it out online.

Inside, aside from a quick Q&A with Tony, there are our regular columnists John Fleming and Lynn Ruth Miller, plus we hear from Paul O’Mahoney from 5/5 show ‘Unmythable’ and ace magicians Morgan & West. And then there are the Q&As: we hear from the up and coming playwright Molly Taylor; the folks behind the brilliant show ‘Sealand’; sketch comedy stars The Ginge, The Geordie and The Geek; comedic multi-tasker Dan Nightingale; Fringe cabaret legend-in-the-making Tricity Vogue; the talented team from Jackinabox Productions; Fringe veteran and classical guitarist Jonathan PragAlexander Wright, the brain behind the brilliant ‘Beulah’; and popular Flamenco-focused puppets Lucia and Scot. Yes, that’s right. Puppets.

So do check all that out. And don’t forget, there’s even more from ThreeWeeks to enjoy online. First of all, there are many more reviews on the website than in print, going live all the time. For the latest reviews, check the reviews home page where each review published is listed in the order it appeared (most recent first), or click on the buttons on that page for A-Z lists by genre or tw rating. Or you can browse our reviews by venues, from the venues index page. For show recommendations, make sure you follow Twittique on Twitter, where you’ll get regular links to all our 4/5 and 5/5 reviews. Or, if you’re on your smartphone, browse our reviews via iFringe.

You’ll find extra interviews and columns online too – including our venue director interviews on the Festival People page (there are more of those to come), and some special Fringe blogs that have been appearing this week, including missives from Al PitcherAsher TreleavenLa John Joseph and Rob Castell from Barbershopera. Oh, and don’t go forgetting our great podcast interviews, with the likes of Andre KingJackson VoorhaarLaura LevitesSam FletcherSpring DayWitTankFoil Arms And Hog, and Billy Kirkwood and Tony Jameson.

So that’s a lot to be going on with, isn’t it? Do make sure you find some time to also see some shows, won’t you? And if you’re not in Edinburgh, then the BBC will be pumping out a load of Fringe comedy on the red button from 9pm tonight to get you in the mood – watch it, then get yourself to the capital, pick up a ThreeWeeks, and do it for real.

Caro Moses, Co-Editor, ThreeWeeks