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Edinburgh Art Festival invites locals to complain, in song

By | Published on Monday 17 June 2013


So we all know how Edinburgh locals – even those who fully embrace the August festival – still like to moan from time to time about the cultural extravaganza that invades their city each summer. So why not turn that into art in itself?

The first meeting of the Edinburgh Art Festival’s all-new Complaints Choir takes place later this week (21 Jun). Anyone who lives in Edinburgh is invited to join the choir, oblivious of past singing experience, and they can bring their own complaints with them (festival-related or otherwise). All participants will then come together to sing out their gripes at various performances during August.

The project has been conceived by Finnish artists Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta Kalleinen, and has previously been staged in Birmingham, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Hamburg, Singapore, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Chicago (the latter choir being pictured).

There are various opportunities to get involved for Edinburgh locals who like the idea of making moaning officially part of the city’s cultural month, with rehearsals scheduled for 21 and 28 Jun at City Art Centre, and again on three dates during July.

Anyone interested in taking part should email events@edinburghartfestival.com