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Where Do Little Birds Go? (Duckdown Theatre / HeavyWeather Theatre)

By | Published on Thursday 20 August 2015

Where Do

“A thousand lights will flicker all around,” croons Lucy Fuller on her nightclub podium. We want to believe her, but don’t all show-tunes (the play’s title included) seem to wince at a repressed sadness? Her grin is too wide; this is a reluctant sob story, where the scene of a death comes gabbled in a single, strangulated breath. Actress Jessica Butcher animates this sparse script, where the only truths lie in motion, her playful waltz degenerating into a nauseous spinning. The breathtaking ending rejects all the doom in a way that’s sugar-free, just as airless as everything before it. We would expect no more from Lucy, who is all hard, shiny sequins (“I’m a biter”). I left still holding my breath slightly.

Underbelly, until 30 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Sarah Murphy]