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Twin Primes (Chiasmus Productions)

By | Published on Saturday 22 August 2015


Humorous theatre delivered in an unconventional format. ‘Twin Primes’ is divided into eleven different scenes, telling stories connected by the human desire to connect with others, and often the failure to do so. The play’s snappy pace and the quick costume changes, accompanied by rousing music, make ‘Twin Primes’ an easy watch. The two actors work well together, have genuine chemistry and seamlessly blend from one character to the next. However, occasionally the play’s attempts at humour fall flat, although this seems like an extended aspect of the play’s theme – it demonstrates that even the actors’ attempts at communicating and connecting can’t always be successful, just like those of the characters they have created.

Greenside at Infirmary Street, until 15 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Megan Wallace]