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Tribute Acts (TheatreState)

By | Published on Wednesday 26 August 2015

Tribute Acts

The endearing sincerity of Tess and Cheryl isn’t quite enough to make ‘Tribute Acts’ a success. It opens well, with a daft, funny dance in inflatable suits, but thereafter it’s inconsistent. The two performers are accompanied on stage by video footage of each of their fathers, and the show explores the complexities of their relationships, both good and bad. The tone never quite settles though: the funny parts aren’t funny enough, while the serious parts are undermined by the comedy. Their acting and dancing is frequently, intentionally, shambolic, which is funny, but the script is equally messy. It feels unfinished, and that hurts the show. There’s the potential for something good here, but it needs a lot of refinement.

Assembly Roxy, until 30 Aug.
tw rating 2/5 | [Andrew Leask]