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Tomorrow’s Parties (Forced Entertainment)

By | Published on Friday 28 August 2015

Tomorrow's Parties

Coloured lights lazily draped across two posts make up the simple background. Two wooden pallets, one on top of the other in the middle of the stage. The aesthetic is reminiscent of an outdoor wedding, once all the guests have gone home. Two performers take to the stage, and it begins. What will the future be? Possibilities are thrown around between the two performers: some bleak, some hopeful, taking us to the ends of our existence and highlighting the futility of trying to imagine the unimaginable. The show is funny and clever, but at 80 minutes it can sometimes drag, feeling more like an extended improv game. Nonetheless, this is one improv game you need to see.

Summerhall, until 29 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Bethan Highgate-Betts]