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The Year Of The Hare (Ryhmäteatteri)

By | Published on Thursday 27 August 2015

The Year of the Hare

Where to start? This is certainly one of the weirder plays at this year’s Fringe. A man, tired of his depressing life, drives into the Finnish countryside to get away from it all. He meets Hare, a karaoke-singing, vodka-loving manic pixie dream girl in animal form, and so begins a bizarre journey. They meet a string of surreal characters, including a Hunter S. Thomspson-inspired vet, a willing hostage and dodgy-dealing crow. It’s filled with music, drugs, and lost days (weeks? months?) Though the first half of the play is absurdly, joyfully hilarious, the second half suffers slightly from a more serious tone and a heavy-handed message about climate change. ‘The Year Of The Hare’ is hard to describe, but even harder to forget.

Pleasance Dome, until 31 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Gemma Scott]