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The School Of Night – Rhapsodes (Extempore Theatre / Something For The Weekend)

By | Published on Wednesday 12 August 2015

The School of Night

Witty and educational to an equally impressive degree, ‘The School of Night’ is improv at its zany best. Drawing on suggestions from the audience, the Fey Prince and the Word Serpent take us on an hour-long odyssey of form, verse and metre – from ‘The Pardoner’s Tale’ to Pinter, pausing along the way to point out the idiosyncrasies and tropes of different writers. The Fey Prince’s ability to amusingly convey Pinter’s comedy of menace is a particular highlight. ‘The School of Night’ feels very organic, where staggering linguistic acrobatics are interspersed with slips and tumbles. The two performers evidently have a contagious passion for literature and this, combined with some quality acting, creates something really special.

C, until 17 Aug.
tw rating 5/5 | [Patrick Galbraith]