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The Last Kill (Contemporary Theatre Scotland)

By | Published on Saturday 15 August 2015

The Last Kill

‘The Last Kill’ offers post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers some well overdue dramatic exposure, and it’s an excellently rendered look into the beaten mind of a war-trodden soldier. A tricky subject matter is supported by an outstanding script and thoughtful direction: Contemporary Theatre Scotland accurately places an audience inside a deteriorating mind to intelligently negotiate the mental aftershocks of war. It’s by no means a perfect play: certain scenes felt slightly awkward and Gary Quinn’s acting sometimes lagged in comparison to his writing. Yet I was ready to forgive the play’s mistakes, as they didn’t impinge too much on a daring piece of gritty new writing which, for the most part, met its ambition with triumph.

Greenside at Nicholson Square, until 29 Aug
tw rating 5/5 | [Robert Stevens]