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Shakespeare For Breakfast (C Theatre)

By | Published on Monday 10 August 2015

Shakespeare For Breakfast

As far as starting your day goes, this Edinburgh staple (now in its 24th year) is a very entertaining choice. The audience is merrily guided through an hour-long version of ‘Hamlet’ (admittedly with much less of the tragedy), while sipping coffee and nibbling croissants. The actors gleefully run across the stage in bedsheet costumes and silly hats, bringing high energy and humour to the production. It’s pleasing in its evident enjoyment of Shakespeare, but some of the puns and pop culture references fall flat. The chaotic nature of the production sometimes causes the actors to lose their concentration, which makes the entire show harder to follow. This is a charming and irreverent show, but not one for Shakespearean purists.

C, until 31 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Vicki Baron]