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Scaramouche Jones (EMX Management)

By | Published on Tuesday 11 August 2015

Saramouche Jones

The tale of ancient clown ‘Scaramouche Jones’, pushed around the world since birth, is a convincing rendition of a life lived in the underbelly. Thom Tuck’s ability to seamlessly switch between a huge range of characters and settings is highly impressive, and the story is not afraid to explore the filthiest and most putrid areas of the 20th century. This clown’s life story is narrated in lyrical prose, adding a further richness to an already vivid world. Although the writing risks slipping into melodrama, Tuck’s acting is strong enough that it never loses any of its gravity. This is a perfectly balanced hour of storytelling that continues to raise its own standards every five minutes.

Underbelly, until 30 Aug
tw 5/5 | [Robert Stevens]