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Mabinogion (BEDS)

By | Published on Friday 21 August 2015


I don’t enjoy slagging off student companies. They’re trying hard, but they have to be judged by the same standards as other Fringe shows. And other shows are (often) just… better. ‘Mabinogion’, a collection of ancient Welsh stories, has been adapted in this stilted, meandering production. The stories, presumably once grand and enthralling, are let down by poor acting. There were stifled giggles (in all the wrong places) from the audience as we heard tales of valour, of sorceresses being outwitted and romances blossoming. The actor playing Gwydion had at least some stage presence, and I groaned inwardly every time he left the stage. With some polish this could be a passable kids’ show, but right now it’s a little short of epic.

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall, until 22 Aug.
tw rating 1/5 [Gemma Scott]