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I Heart Catherine Pistachio (Encounter)

By | Published on Friday 28 August 2015

I Heart Catherine Pistachio

A breathless assault of weirdness, ‘I Heart Catherine Pistachio’ is a theatrical unicorn: unimaginable until you’ve seen it, unforgettable once you have. It’s like your childhood nightmares, teenage fantasies and grown-up fears got together for an ecstasy-fuelled rave, soundtracked by Ace of Base and Mariah Carey. Performers Nick Blakeley and Carl Harrison – in long blond wigs, granny glasses, high-waisted skirts and ballet slippers – introduce us to Catherine Pistachio, a child raised by swingers, who loves her pony and border collie. The imagery is surreal, often gross – dwarves shoot from cannons, a tail slides into an anus like a Glade plug-in. The dancing is lurching but weirdly graceful. But even as things get dark – bestiality, child abuse, suicide – it’s delivered with guile, demanding audience members stay on their toes.

Roundabout @ Summerhall, until 23 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Rebecca Jacobson]