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Cut (Underbelly Productions)

By | Published on Sunday 23 August 2015


A psychological thriller, written and directed by Duncan Graham, ‘Cut’ shoots for Hitchcock but lands far short. The room has been arranged to resemble an aeroplane – the audience face one other across a narrow catwalk, while actor Hannah Norris plays our flight attendant. But the fragmented, hard-to-follow story lurches all over the place, incorporating everything from an ash-eyed stalker, a woman with some very shiny scissors, and a fish being violently gutted and then lit on fire. Graham tries to embellish things with blackouts, pin-spot lighting and a clanging soundscape – while Norris does plenty of shrieking and gasping – but the result is theatrical turbulence rather than terror. Some clever use of cling film, though.

Underbelly, George Square, until 31 Aug.
tw rating 2/5 | [Rebecca Jacobson]