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A Very British Childhood (Pelican’s Briefs)

By | Published on Thursday 27 August 2015

A Very British Childhood

It’s summer in suburban sixties Britain and the sun shines relentlessly through the bay window of 37 Willow Way. But when a child goes missing, dark truths emerge and the Ladybird book facade crumbles. Pelican’s Briefs production of Sarah May’s period piece often feels a little like a school play, but a remarkably good one. William Castle and Megan Fudge both give spectacularly eerie performances, and Carlos Sandin is unsettling as the commuting father who can’t explain why he was in the woods that day. Whilst some of the other performances feel a little vacuous, the cast succeed, collectively, in creating a dark, claustrophobic atmosphere, reminding us that there’s menace in the familiar.

Pleasance Dome, until 30 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Patrick Galbraith]