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Witches (Music Theatre Warwick)

By | Published on Friday 21 August 2015


A new musical written, composed and performed by Warwick University students, ‘Witches’ is a professional, well constructed piece. It’s spellbinding to watch – think ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’ meets ‘Wicked’. We see modern witch Leah look back at her ancestors’ suffering during the witch trials, as she starts discovering the secrets of the past. The talented company showcase their singing and dancing ability through skilful choreography and complex harmonies. I felt the ensemble scenes and the staging worked fantastically well, though the framing narrative was not as engaging and felt a bit repetitive. Though the acting may not have reached the high standards of the singing and dancing, all was forgiven due to the overall magical pizazz.

C, until 22 Aug.
tw rating, 4/5 | [Stephanie Withers]