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Tatterdemalion (Flabbergast Theatre)

By | Published on Tuesday 18 August 2015


How much fun can you have with one suitcase, some clothes and an audience? Flabbergast Theatre, creators of Boris and Sergey, prove that the limits are almost endless with this irresistible show. One man takes us through the contents of his suitcase, distributing items around the audience and using their involvement to create stories. As he plays, through mime and puppetry, the items take on their own personalities with our help – one audience member somehow ended up giving artificial respiration to a shoe! This performance allows the audience to play just as much as the performer. Seeing ‘Tatterdemalion’ is a beautiful and hilarious experience that will stay with you – clowning has never been so enchanting or absorbing.

Assembly Roxy, until 31 Aug.
tw rating 5/5 | [Vicki Baron]