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So That’s What We Voted For? (Mark Nelson, Keir McAllister and Vladimir McTavish)

By | Published on Tuesday 11 August 2015

So That's What We Voted For

Keir McAllister and Vlad McTavish were early adopters in trying to get to comedic grips with the whole referendum thing. Now they’re back, joined by Mark Nelson, to blether about the aftermath of that and the UK elections from a Scottish perspective. The satire is crude, occasionally very: “Jim Murphy – fucking hell, what a numptie”, and are we really still doing stuff about Maradona’s hand of god? But the three have a good rapport, which runs pretty well on their sustained efforts to get each other corpsing, and there’s plenty of sharper stuff. Ten minutes given over to a guest turn made for an odd ending but, if you want a witty (albeit heavily loaded) primer on Scottish political sentiment, then this is your show.

Assembly Rooms, until 30 Aug
tw rating 3/5 | [Bruce Blacklaw]