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Minor Delays (Lee Martin for Gag Reflex)

By | Published on Tuesday 11 August 2015

Minor Delays

It can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between the many sketch shows the Fringe has to offer, but ‘Minor Delays’ should have no problem standing out. Their minimalism is a joy to witness – no costumes or props, just three forward-facing chairs, which are the focus of the show. The trio’s unique approach of always facing the audience could have introduced communication difficulties, but in fact it works incredibly well. Recurring sketches throughout the set are particularly successful, and the theme of awkward moments allows for a few controversial jokes too. There’s a steady scattering of laughs throughout, although they never quite achieve the hilarity that could earn them five stars.

Gilded Balloon, until 30 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Stephanie Gray]