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Dark Side Of The Mime (Takomo)

By | Published on Wednesday 26 August 2015

Dark Side of Mime

The row in front of me gave a standing ovation, the woman next to me literally cried. This is clearly a divisive show, which separates those who enjoy rape jokes from the rest of civil society. Ostensibly a comedy, the acts portrayed were so gratuitous that they felt unnecessary. As far as I could tell, the purpose of raping was to rape, and the purpose of dressing in the skin of a dead victim was to shock. The show was like being kicked in the balls – not as a joke or to punish – but for the sole purpose of inducing pain. No suspense or tension were even attempted, making this a humdrum hour of pointless violence. The acting, however, was pretty good.

Assembly Roxy, until 30 Aug.
tw rating 1/5 | [Robert Stevens]