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The Bookbinder (Trick Of The Light Theatre)

By | Published on Thursday 13 August 2015


With storytelling of the highest quality, Trick Of The Light have created something truly beautiful here. This one-man show tells the tale of an apprentice bookbinder’s adventures, after a seemingly simple job turns into an epic, perilous quest. Actor and writer Ralph McCubbin Howell is utterly captivating and engaging, believable whether playing an old crone or an innocent young boy. Visually stunning, ‘The Bookbinder’ uses shadows, puppetry and paper art to create a magical world where imagination is key. It also displays the most ingenious use of a desk lamp I’ve ever seen, subtly altering the mood and atmosphere with every sweeping shadow. At times lyrical and witty, this gentle, thoughtful piece examines the gaps between fiction and reality.

Assembly Roxy, until 31 Aug.
tw rating 5/5