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Shakespeare Untold – Romeo And Juliet (The Party Planner’s Tale) (Shakespeare’s Globe)

By | Published on Saturday 15 August 2015

Shakespeare Untold

An adaptation of this classic love-story: the story we know, the characters we don’t. It’s told through the eyes of the best party planner in Verona, and, using her musical voice and bubbly personality, Sally Lofthouse develops a lovely warmth and rapport with the young audience. It’s a very simple sort of production, relying on the power of story-telling and the relaxed performance of our host, who manages to make everyone feel at home in her company. The play smartly capitalises on interaction with the children, and uses enough modern references to keep us hooked, but might perhaps benefit from more creative design; the pink set could put off the boys a bit, though the engaging fight scenes will no doubt win them back.

Pleasance Courtyard, until 31 Aug
tw rating 4/5 / [Stephanie Withers]