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To Chekhov With Love (Syracuse University Department Of Drama)

By | Published on Saturday 9 August 2014

‘To Chekhov with Love’ is exactly what one would expect: an homage to Chekhov, celebrating him and the characters he crafted. The production consists of two plays: ‘The White Peacock’, based on his love letters, and ‘Afterplay’, in which Sonya (Uncle Vanya) and Andrey (Three Sisters) meet. ‘Afterplay’ is undoubtedly the stronger of the two, as the former often feels tediously sycophantic towards an author who is already celebrated enough. Nonetheless, the overall production is actually rather engaging, thanks to some well-honed performances from Leslie Noble and Joseph Whelan, who seem to inhabit their roles like a second skin. Although solid enough, the lingering issue with this production is – is it necessary?

Quaker Meeting House, until 9 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Charlotte Taylor]