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The Piece Of Paper Paradox (Blue Moon Theatre Company)

By | Published on Monday 18 August 2014

In a hypnotic, rhythmic fashion, four identically-suited office workers stamp white paper. When one of them comes across a red sheet, it sparks an awakening in all of them. They exist in some kind of stifled world governed by strict rules: they are not allowed to feel, to talk, to stand up. Plato’s Cave or the Wachowskis’ Matrix films seem like inspirations, as unquestioning obeisance to the rules yields to a deeper understanding of individuality. The tedium of regularity, routine and repetition comes across well as the actors play out their mechanical movements, accompanied by the constant ticking of a clock. Lightened by moments of humour, the play prods at big themes in an enjoyable, unsettling way.

theSpace @ Surgeons’ Hall, until 16 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Tim Bano]