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The Most Serious Ailments Of St Krank’s (Babolin Theatre in association with Worboys Productions)

By | Published on Monday 11 August 2014

This all-singing, all-dancing theatre group pump some much needed silliness and energy into a production that examines both life and death. The quirk factor is through the roof here which, when combined with a heavy nostalgia for end-of-the pier entertainment, makes for a show that seems out of touch with contemporary issues. There is enough good will and light-hearted humour from the very talented cast to still make for an enjoyable and funny show. However, after the fifth or sixth time poking fun at an English seaside town for being an English seaside town, the joke really has worn thin. By the end of the show, any comment on the health care institution seems muddled or lost.

Bedlam Theatre, until 9 Aug.
tw ratings 3/5 | [James McColl]