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The Exchange (Anvil Creek Theatre)

By | Published on Sunday 31 August 2014

Four short acts covering two days in the lives of a couple of retired pub-regulars and the weary barman who serves them, reflecting on the emptiness of a life spent waiting for something, anything to happen; there’s a clear attempt to ape Beckett’s ‘Waiting For Godot’: key lines are repeated; characters wait for visitors who never arrive; the past is lost in confusion. But in all significant ways this falls far short of Beckett. The performances are inconsistent: the barman is reasonably compelling, but one actor’s decision to read his lines like Lennie from ‘Of Mice and Men’ is baffling and off putting. Ultimately, this play tries to be a meditation on boredom, but ends up just being boring.

Zoo Southside, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 1/5 [Andrew Leask]