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Spectrum (New Celts Productions and Seam Theatre Company)

By | Published on Friday 15 August 2014

Temple Grandin was an autistic American woman, whose research and insight changed the cattle farming industry. This could feel like a stale, worthy topic – looking at the challenges of growing up different and the struggles she faced just to get herself heard. Maeve Bell was excellent as Grandin, accurately portraying someone whose view of the world is different to most people’s, but the piece was let down by an underwhelming supporting cast. There’s an attempt at some clever use of props and staging, but it’s the script that really hold things together. Intelligent and entertaining, ‘Spectrum’ manages to be educational without feeling like a schmaltzy, didn’t-she-do-well biopic. Overall, an interesting story, told with sensitivity and humour.

theSpace on North Bridge, until 23 Aug (odd dates only).
tw rating 3/5