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Henry V – Here & Now (King Cobra Theatre)

By | Published on Friday 15 August 2014

‘King Cobra Theatre’ presents a contemporary adaptation of Henry V, re-worked as a clash between England and Scotland. After Henry’s uncle dies, he is forced into a property dispute that he cannot afford, and to save on costs, decides that the best way to secure his cottage would be to woo the landlord’s daughter. This is a fairly successful modern adaptation of the classic play that offers simplistic character interpretations and a streamlined plot; the stripped-back narrative makes it easy to understand the core story of the dense and complex source material. This is naturally at the cost of the character examination that the play would usually offer, but for new comers and family audiences this might be beneficial.

Gryphon@WestEnd, until 16 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [James McColl]