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Head In The Clouds – The Peregrinations Of Marie Marvingt (Broken Spectacles)

By | Published on Sunday 24 August 2014

Like a comedic ninja, the charm of this piece sneaks up on you. During the course of this one-woman show telling a true account of the life of Marie Marvingt, actress Helen Aldrich encourages the audience to go home and google the French pilot/nurse extraordinaire and I was happy to oblige. The wikipedia article is extensive, though: I can guarantee it’s quicker and more fun to see Aldrich in action. To summarise, Aldrich uses mime, makes her own sound effects, and performs a costume strip-tease (revealing a succession of sporting uniforms to indicate Marvingt’s athletic prowess) to tell her story. Simple, but effective, this is a well-constructed piece centred around a strong performer, and educational to boot.

Summerhall, until 24 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Hannah Cutting]