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Fragile (Old Joint Stock Theatre Company)

By | Published on Thursday 7 August 2014

Emotionally raw and uncompromising, ‘Fragile’ is a difficult, worthwhile piece of theatre. Telling the almost caustically honest tale of his childhood abuse, actor Nigel Francis is compelling as One, a broken man struggling to come to terms with his guilt, shame and rage. Contrasting the still suppurating wounds caused by One’s abuse with the delicate, paper thin veneer coated over the top of the cracks, ‘Fragile’ paints a horribly believable picture of a life shattered by abuse. However, the musical cues are a bit clichéd and at times Francis’ anguish is a little forced. Despite this, ‘Fragile’ has a powerful message and a brutal honesty that makes for a compelling play that is well worth seeing.

Zoo, until 25 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Andrew Bell]