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Don’t Let Go (Manic Chord Theatre)

By | Published on Tuesday 12 August 2014

A red balloon offers a coffee-packer named Leonard salvation from the relentless work/consume cycle of modern life in ‘Don’t Let Go’, a fearlessly creative piece of theatre that tackles love, romance and caffeine addiction. Manic Chord Theatre bust out every trick in their playbook: physical theatre, dance, puppetry, stylised lighting and more. Generally it works, but sometimes especially with the physical stuff it feels as though it’s there for its own sake. The show is bursting with creativity, but the obvious abundance of ideas from the creative team leaves some scenes overlong and some concepts underdeveloped. However, it’s impossible not to warm to such boundless imaginative energy, and you will probably come out smiling. All it wants is some tighter focus.

Bedlam Theatre, until 24 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [Jon Stapley]